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the sword fighting performance

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    About the sword fighting performance

    The style of sword fighting, which emphasizes the stylistic beauty of Kabuki, which is its roots, and emphasizes the visual effects and beauty of the stage, is called classical sword fighting. Today, there are very few groups that use the common Kabuki techniques in their sword fighting. Sukedachiya ohako is a fighting group that inherited Nouchi school of this classic sword fighting.

  • Dramatic
    The glamor of the sword fighting performance

    You can experience the fierce emotions of the movement and feel the quiet tension like when a flame of a candle is about to burn out. The tautness created between the breathing and the pauses that only a live performance can bring, and the sence of unity amongst the stage and the audience... Experience the unique allure of fierceness with the vigorous movements.

  • Our Perfomance
    Sukedachiya Sword Fighting

    We are a performance group that specializes in sword fighting. The vigorous power, the spirit, the tension we generate will make you forget how to breath, and when the act is finished, you will feel a prevailing exhilaration that will run thru your veins. The refined and intense choreography and it’s static esthetic of the finished cut… the tautness created between the breathing and the pauses builds a unity amongst the stage and the audience that only a live performance can offer.

  • History
    The history of Sukedachiya

    Tadanobu Nouchi, the real father of the Representative Nouchi Hanamine and the one who created the "Nouchi school", which is the technique used by Sukedachiya ohako. He trained under Akinori Tani, the only Japanese teacher to win an Academy Award in sword fighting category. After that, he has been active for 40 years as a swords fighter who appears in famous works such as "Zenigata Heiji", "Mito Komon" and "Zatoichi" series. He has taught sword fighting at the New Kabuki Theater and the Goen-za Theater, including performances by Hiroshi Itsuki, Aya Shimazu, Yoshimi Tendo, and Hiroshi Miyama. Hanamine Nouchi, who grew up watching such a figure up close as a daughter, learned sword fighting and dance from an early age, and at the age of 17, became strongly determined to become a full-fledged female swordfighter, and the sword fighting performance group " Sukedachiya ohako" is launched.

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