TADANOBU NOUCHI A sword fighter Tadanobu Nouchi

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A sword fighter Tadanobu Nouchi

My young disciples established the sword fighting performing group " Sukedachiohako" in 2014. I deeply appreciate your kindness, your support. Looking at these young people, I can see that they are able to express the beauty of youth, with their wonderfully fiery expressions, and their poised body movements. I would be happy if even a small corner of the hearts of many people would be touched by the performance of these young people who put their all into the art of sword fighting. I am still learning this art of sword fighting and I devote myself to it. Please enjoy and continue supporting our performance.

Sword fighter. The representitive of Nouchi sword fighting promotion. The president of Chanbara Bujyuku. Instructor of Osaka University of Arts Junior College. Graduated from Osaka University of Arts Junior College.

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