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Representitive Kaho Nouchi

She started jazz dancing at the age of one and a half and performed for the first time at the age of three. She learned to play the piano when she was 2 years and 8 months old, and the electone when she was 4 years old.

Her father worked as a professional swordfighter for 40 years at Kyoto Film Studio, Shin-Kabuki-za, and Misono-za, and is currently active. At the age of eight, she began to learn the art of sword fighting from her father and at the age of nine, she made her first appearance on stage. She also learned dance from his father, a master of the Hanayagi school of Japanese traditional dance, and her mother, a master of the Wakayagi school of Japanese traditional dance.

While studying sword fighting techniques and Japanese dance, she was also a member of the band percussionist in junior high school and served as the head of the club. In high school, she joined the dance club. She is interested in not only Japanese culture but also Western culture.

On the one hand, while continuing to admire the power and art of sword fighting, which she has seen up close growing up since she was a child, in the other hand there is a conflict feeling due to the declination of historical theatric drama in the world. At the age of 17, she decided to become a full-fledged female swordfighter because she wanted to act out the emotional and exciting art that she had felt, in addition to the unfortunate fact that women are less likely than men to engage and perform in full-scale sword fighting. A "full-fledged female swordfighter” is a person who has mastered traditional techniques and has the perfect balance between delicacy and a courage.

There is a specific and unique way of expressing from strength and bravery to softness and elegance. In May 2014, she launched a young sword-slaying group called "Sukedachiya ohako", which not only performs sword fighting but also sword dance and Japanese traditional dance. She has appeared on many local stages, events, and in the media. Also teaches sword fighting to theater companies and entertainment productions. In addition, she performs workshops to let people experience the charm of sword fighting in person. These are done for national and international participants.

Overseas sword fighting performance at the Astana International Exposition "JAPANDAY" in Kazakhstan in July 2017 to promote the Osaka Expo. In Octobjer 2019, she performed overseas in Spain. She is also working on social media and other means to deliver lectures and videos to overseas audiences so that they can learn without having to visit Japan. She has also given many special lessons to overseas students who come to Japan to learn the art of sword fighting. In the future, she hopes to play a role in passing on the traditional Japanese cultural art of sword fighting to the next generation, and to spread its charm and uniqueness of female sword fighter throughout Japan and the world.

Sword fighter / The representitive of Sukedachiya ohako

Main achievements through teaching sword fighting
  • Root (Entertainment production)
  • Shochiku × Osaka University of commerse collaborated lecture
  • Nawate culture and tradition class
  • Chanbara Bujyuku (Kintetsu culture Abeno class / Sumiyoshi Budoukan class / Shijyounawate class)
  • Daito sword fighting class
  • Morning word fighting class
  • Online one on one sword fighting lesson class
  • Online sword fighting exercise salon
  • Online kids sword fighting exercise “Chibichan” class
  • Online elderly sword fighting exercise class
  • Online sword fighting class for foreigners
  • Martial arts gym in Basques, Spain
  • Other theatrical company

Achievements through performance
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Achievements through performance in media
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