ABOUT US Sukedachiya Ohako

A performance group
dedicated to sword fighting

We are a performance group that specializes in sword fighting. The vigorous power, the spirit, the tension we generate will make you forget how to breath, and when the act is finished, you will feel a prevailing exhilaration that will run thru your veins. The refined and intense choreography and it’s static esthetic of the finished cut… the tautness created between the breathing and the pauses builds a unity amongst the stage and the audience that only a live performance can offer.

殺陣専門 助太刀屋 十八番

  • A world of expression that doesn't need words.

    You can experience the fierce emotions of the movement and feel the quiet tension like when a flame of a candle is about to burn out. The tautness created between the breathing and the pauses that only a live performance can bring, and the sence of unity amongst the stage and the audience... Experience the unique allure of fierceness with the vigorous movements.

  • Charming sword dance / Dance

    We perform not only the sword fighting but also traditional dance, sword dance and acrobatic movements. By actually seeing, hearing and experiencing the show up close, you will be able to experience the power and the appeal of the traditional Japanese performance art, "Sword Fight"

  • Fighting scenes that include illustrious poses / Classic sword figting

    We have inherited the classic sword fighting "Nouch-Style", which has the characteristic of including poses during fighting scenes, this is a style that has become less common nowadays. One of many features from our group is the incorporation the stylistic beauty of Kabuki, the roots of sword fighting.

  • Female swordfighter Kaho Nouchi

    A sword fighter who has mastered traditional techniques and has a dignified beauty and a brave appearance. She is not only strong and cool, but also expresses strength, sensuality, bravery and softness in her own way.

CONTACT Inquiry / Request

We will do our best to meet your requests for workshops and performances,
after discussing your time and budget. Please feel free to contact us.